Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Being Happy with Who You Are

Being Happy with Who You Are

There are a lot of things you can do to be happy with who you are, including:

Show People How to Treat You

You show people how to treat you by the behaviors you will and won't accept from them. It's always a positive idea to take care of yourself by asking people to treat well. They may not pay attention at first or comply, but they'll understand your needs are over time. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness and to be happy in life. You're worth it.

Realize that People May Not Understand You

People often don't have the capacity to understand who you are because they're too busy trying to live their own lives or seeing things from their point of view. That doesn't mean you're any less amazing. An important part of being happy is not paying too much attention to what other people say about you. The voice to pay attention to is the one inside you that knows who you really are. Even when others don't seem to understand you, you can.

Keep an Open Mind

When people decide that they know everything they effectively close their minds. This means that no new information comes in or goes out. It's unpleasant to live this way because, when you have no new information coming in, you gradually become more outdated, isolated, insular and ultimately toxic. It's like trying to breathe the same air over and over; eventually it has no more oxygen left in it to sustain you. A more positive approach is to open your mind. Welcome new information and change your point of view. Keep learning new things about yourself, the people around you and the world. Expand your horizons by inviting new ideas into your life. You'll be much more happy and well-rounded.

Have Deeper Conversations

It's easy to spend your life talking over people or assuming you know everything about them. To be truly happy it's important to have deeper conversations where you really learn about people and share valuable information. It can be difficult to have deeper conversations but the payoff in the long run is that you get to enjoy more meaningful relationships.

Think Long-Term

Many people derail their happiness by thinking that they have to get results right now. While it's positive to want to move forward, it's also important to remember that each of your small actions today can have a long-term impact on your life. Worry less about making things happen right now and you'll be happy when you see the results in the long run.

Keep Moving

You'll have setbacks and challenges in life but you'll be able to surmount them if you keep moving forward. Things will not always go the way you expected them to but you can keep taking action and thinking positively. There will be times when you'll wonder if you'll ever be happy. Keep moving and you'll eventually experience the success that comes from constant and deliberate action.