Learning to Be Happy with Yourself


Learning to be happy with yourself is a challenging and ongoing process but it’s the only way to live a life of true authenticity and genuine happiness.

I’m happiness coach Guy Farmer and I help thoughtful, compassionate, creative people be happy. This type of work is meaningful to me because I come from a background where I didn’t matter: My feelings didn’t matter; my thoughts didn’t matter; my dreams didn’t matter and, along the way, I grew to believe that I didn’t matter. All that changed one day many years ago when I decided to pay attention to the voice inside me that kept trying to tell me who I really was.

Since then, I’ve consciously designed a joyful coaching and workshop facilitation career helping people discover how wonderful they are. I also followed my inner voice and write poetry and jokes because that’s who I am deep inside. I see so many people living unconsciously, struggling with how to be happy, and doing things that don’t lead in a positive direction because they have no other options. I wish I could tell each of them that there is an alternative, a path that leads to happiness, peace, balance and fulfillment. Over many years of helping people let go of what doesn’t work and practice positive behaviors, I’ve grown to understand that being happy means being true to yourself and living authentically.

I hope you enjoy my tips on how to be happy with yourself, your comments and wisdom are welcome.