Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Signs You’re Not Really Happy

Signs You’re Not Really Happy

A lot of people say they're happy but live unsatisfying lives. Here are some signs you may not be authentically happy:

  • You feel compelled to control others.
  • You don't know who you are deep inside.
  • You get into conflicts with others easily.
  • You feel off balance.
  • Your face doesn't look happy.
  • You have difficulty dealing with emotions.
  • You're not living consciously.
  • You let life happen to you.
  • You don't believe in change.
  • You stifle your creativity.
  • You live through others.
  • You live by rules others set.
  • You're afraid to try new things.

If you do any of these things there's nothing horribly wrong with you, it's just that there are ways that you can be much more fulfilled and joyful. Try doing the opposite of the things we've discussed and you'll get more positive results. Remember that you don't have to do them all at once, do one at a time and keep practicing until you're good at it.



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