Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Do you obsessively try to be perfect? You might as well stop your quest right now because it won't make you happy and it's like chasing a mythical creature. Nobody's perfect and anyone who thinks he (or she) can be is setting himself up for failure.

It's not wrong to challenge yourself, want to achieve at a high level or do things well, it's that it can easily get out of hand 's when you compulsively seek perfection to the point where it makes you miserable.

Instead of trying to be perfect why not just be you? Forget about impressing people or driving yourself to exhaustion and enjoy being the person you are deep inside. Work on your issues to become as healthy as possible and enjoy the journey without worrying about some abstract concept of perfection. You'll be a lot happier.



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