Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Secrets of How to Be Happy in Life

Secrets of How to Be Happy in Life

Here are some secrets of how to be happy in life:

  • Be yourself.
  • Make your own decisions.
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.
  • Learn about who you are.
  • Heal your hurts.
  • Learn about the world around you.
  • Be willing to change.
  • Be willing to grow.
  • Avoid relying on others for happiness.
  • Be willing to live your own life.
  • Be the real you.
  • Love yourself and others.
  • Take one step each day to make your dreams come true.

Being happy isn't some strange secret, it's simply you deciding that you're going to stop pretending you're happy and choosing to think and behave in ways that lead in a positive direction.



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