Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Do You Have the Courage to Be Happy?

Do You Have the Courage to Be Happy?

A lot of people don't have the courage to be happy, which means that they are unwilling to find out who they really are deep inside and live their lives authentically. It takes a lot of courage to show the world who you really are and endure the inevitable rejections and hardships that come with making yourself vulnerable.

You have a basic choice in life: Have the courage to live life as the person you are deep inside or be someone who is not you. True happiness is about being the real you and sharing your talents and abilities with the world. No matter what others say about you or what challenge comes your way, you still get to decide who you are and how you live your life. When you think, feel and behave as yourself, you'll risk being hurt or running into people who don't appreciate you but you'll have the reward of living life authentically, enjoying who you are, and waking up each day celebrating the real you.