Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Happy People Are Proactive Instead of Reactive

Happy People Are Proactive Instead of Reactive

Happy people tend to be proactive instead of reactive; they think about what they do ahead of time instead of just reacting to whatever comes their way. A big part of being happy is the ability to consciously decide how you're going to live your life instead of just letting it happen to you. Most people spend their entire lives living at a passive, superficial level where they just sort of exist unconsciously and respond to things as they occur. Deeply happy people continuously work on understanding themselves and take action to improve how they deal with people and events. They live wide awake instead of asleep. Take the time each day to think of what you really want to do in life based on who you are deep inside, then do small things to move in the direction of your dreams. As you keep doing things you enjoy, you'll become happier with yourself.



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