Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Overlooking Opportunities

Overlooking Opportunities

There are a lot of people who overlook opportunities to think, feel and behave positively. Here are some characteristics of someone who doesn't see the amazing possibilities available to him or her:

  • Saying that something new won't work without even trying it.
  • Avoiding meeting new people.
  • Not trying new things.
  • Always doing things the same way.
  • Not trusting people.
  • Insisting that the world is a certain way when there are clearly other options.
  • Staying stuck doing things one way.
  • Strict belief system.
  • Lack of flexibility.
  • Need for power and control.
  • Not treating people well.
  • Limited self-awareness.
  • Low self-esteem or false bravado.

The key to being happy in life is to stop thinking and doing things that lead in a less than positive direction. It takes courage to give up old beliefs and behaviors, but it creates countless new opportunities to enjoy life fully.

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