Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Your Philosophy on Life Affects Your Happiness

Your Philosophy on Life Affects Your Happiness

Your philosophy on life has a lot to do with how happy you'll be. Here are some examples of philosophies that lead away from happiness:

  • Life is hard.
  • You can't trust people.
  • Laughing is for fools.
  • You can only rely on yourself.
  • People are out to get me.
  • You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

These types of ideas will lead your life in a certain direction but there are other options that can help you build a much more enjoyable life, for example:

  • Life is fun, an adventure.
  • There are a lot of trustworthy people out there.
  • It's great to laugh and enjoy being silly.
  • I can rely on myself and others.
  • There are a lot of caring people in the world.
  • I can always learn something new.

There are people who will scoff at the second list, mostly because they're stuck doing things from the first list. Thankfully, you can move your life in a positive direction any time you choose; it just takes some courage, continuous action and the belief that you can be happy.



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