Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Genuine Happiness

Genuine Happiness

Many people spend their whole lives trying to convince themselves and others that they're happy when, deep down inside, they know they're not. It's very difficult to admit that you're not actually happy because you're suddenly left with a void where all your former thoughts and behaviors used to be. As painful as it might be, it's always more beneficial to live life authentically rather than doing things that don't reflect who you really are. Here are some signs that you're genuinely happy:

  • You think and act like the real you.
  • Your thoughts and actions lead in a positive direction.
  • You're living your dreams.
  • You live life as the real you.
  • You live a life of deep meaning and fulfillment.
  • You treat yourself and others well.
  • You're healing your hurts.
  • You know deep inside that you're on your true path.

Genuine happiness is when you live life based on the person you are deep inside. If you do this already, you know how wonderful it feels. If you don't, you can always start.



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