Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
How to Be Happy Again in Four Steps

How to Be Happy Again in Four Steps

People ask me how to be happy again, especially after something difficult happens in their lives. It's always helpful to break down even the largest challenges into manageable pieces. Here are four steps you can follow to move toward happiness:

  • Pick one thing you want to do that would make you happy deep inside. Define it as specifically as possible and give it a name.
  • Decide what is one action you are willing to take to make that thing happen. For example: "I will write one chapter of the book I've always wanted to write." Avoid huge, daunting goals like "I'm going write 50 books in the next three days," which sets you up for failure instead of success because you took on too much at once.
  • Monitor your progress and celebrate as you go along. When you accomplish one task, congratulate yourself and reflect on the great work you've done.
  • Keep taking small steps even when you don't feel like it. You will feel at times that nothing positive is happening but keep pushing through those thoughts by continuing to take action.

An important part of finding happiness is to keep things manageable and work little by little. It's the small steps that eventually lead to being happy again.



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