Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Focus on What You Can Do to Be Happy

Focus on What You Can Do to Be Happy

It's hard to be happy if you only focus on the things you can't do. You can move in a much more positive direction when you realize that you have a wealth of information and skills inside you that can help you deal with any challenge that comes your way. Focus on what you can do and you'll be much more likely to be successful at making your dreams come true. Here are some ideas to help you begin your journey:

Worry Less about Goals

A lot of people get really upset if they don't reach their goals. While there's nothing wrong with setting a goal and working toward it, you'll be much happier if you worry less about the destination and more about the journey. Focus more on what you're learning about yourself and how you're growing as you move along in life. Being happy is about enjoying the ride instead of always wondering if you're there yet. The fascinating thing is that you're never quite there, there are always more things to do and enjoy.

Past Experiences Can Be Helpful

Think of a time when you were happy in the past. What did it look like, what were you doing, what were the specific behaviors that got you to that point? You can’t bring back the past but you can repeat successful behaviors. Take some time to think of the things you did in the past that made you feel great and remember to avoid the behaviors that led in a less than positive direction. Remember that your experience can teach you valuable lessons to help you move forward.

Be Creative

A great way to be happy is to be creative. Be willing to look at the challenges you face in a new way. Come up with new ideas on how to get past the obstacles in your life. Create something new that didn't exist before. Use your creativity to expand the opportunities available to you. Instead of saying you can't do something, find alternative ways to do it.

Respect Others

A lot of people walk around demanding respect from others while treating them poorly. It's as if people think respect means: Having others do what you want them to do without you having to think about what you're doing. People will only respect you if you interact positively with them. If you're an authentically happy person, you'll consistently treat others well without expecting anything in return. Think and behave with kindness, compassion, openness, and people will gravitate toward you. Also remember that, the more you genuinely love yourself, the better you'll treat yourself and others and the more respect you'll give and receive in life.

Start Being Happy Today

Did you know that you can start being happy today? There’s no magic or mystery to it, the only thing you need is your commitment and dedication. No matter what has happened to you up to now you can consciously choose to interrupt the patterns of the past and do things differently. It’s not easy to suddenly decide to change something in your life but you can do it if you’re ready. Pick one thing in your life that is not helping you be happy and replace it with something positive. Keep practicing until you get good at it and then move on to the next thing. Being happy is a process, and you can start doing it today, tomorrow and always.