Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
How to Be Happy in Life Alone

How to Be Happy in Life Alone

A lot of people have never had the opportunity to learn how to be happy in life alone because they've always been surrounded by others or have not had the chance to spend time discovering what brings them joy. Here are a few things to help you be happy on your own:

Realize How Amazing You Are

Have you made a list of all the amazing things about you? Part of being happy is celebrating your accomplishments and the things you do well instead of focusing on the negative. Take some time to sit down and write down all the positive things about you. There are no rules or time limits, just write whatever comes into your mind. The idea is to document the great things you do. This will give you an idea of what you do well and what you enjoy in life. Read the list and after every item say, "I'm amazing." Repeat each day as a way of praising yourself and keep adding to the list as you think of new things.

Look at the Difficult Stuff

You know that stuff that you really don't want to look at? That's what you need to work on first so you can be happy. If you don't work on your most challenging issues then you'll only be able to progress up to a certain point in life. The key is to deal with things in quantities you can handle and balance your difficult work with periods of rest and calm. You don't have to do everything at once, but you do have to do it to be genuinely happy.

Decide What You Want to Do with Your Life

At any moment you can decide what direction your life will take. The key to being happy is often to simply be working on your dreams. It doesn't matter whether you get there, it's what you do along the way. Take the time you have to yourself to look deep inside and discover the real you and your authentic path in life.

Resolve to Always Treat Yourself Well

You're an amazing jewel so remember to take care of yourself. When you care for yourself you become healthier and are able to live a happy life. Treating yourself well means that you do the work necessary to be genuinely happy deep inside. Try not to get caught up in superficial crutches like buying things or looking for attention from others, those things don't provide lasting happiness.

Being alone is a wonderful opportunity for you to discover who you really are and what you really want to do in life. What will you do to take advantage of the time you have with yourself?



How to Be Happy: Rest

How to Be Happy: Rest

It’s OK to not fill every waking hour with frenzied activity. One of the best ways to be happy is to make sure you take time to rest and recharge. To take care of yourself you can:

  • Take a nap.
  • Look at clouds or other nature scene.
  • Take a quiet walk.
  • Meditate.
  • Sit by a stream.
  • Think of nothing.
  • Do nothing.
5 Tips to Be Happy with Yourself

5 Tips to Be Happy with Yourself

Here are five tips to help you be happy with yourself:

Look at Yourself Objectively

Although we would all love to be perfect we aren’t and, as such, we have areas that could use improvement. The people who are willing to look at themselves objectively are those who learn and grow. Many individuals believe that looking at themselves is like admitting wrongdoing or weakness when it’s actually a sign of self-reflection and the ability to live genuinely. In order to be happy it’s vital to look at yourself so you can do things that get you better results and let go of what doesn’t work.

Listen to the Positive Voices

There may be times when you have competing voices in your head. One will tell you to take a road that may hurt you, another will ask you to compromise your beliefs, another will present an important challenge or decision. Some voices will try to help you, others will try to hold you back. The key to being happy in life is to go with the positive voices. There is one voice to pay attention to above all others: The one that is telling you what your true path in life is. No other voice matters as much as that one, listen to it.

Realize Not Everyone Will Get You

No matter how wonderful you are or what you have to offer people, there will always be individuals who don’t understand what you have to offer. When you’re genuinely happy, you understand that you can’t please everyone and that you just have to do your best to think and behave positively and take care of yourself. Live a deep, meaningful, authentic life and you’ll attract the people who appreciate you.

It’s OK to Ask for Help

Part of finding happiness is to be able to reach out to others who can support you. There are people out there right now who can help you achieve your goals and dreams. The key is to find them by letting them know you’re out there and asking for their assistance. The larger your outreach and network are, the more access you’ll have to people who can make a difference in your life.


One of the most powerful tools to be happy is to give to others. Give unconditionally of your time, your knowledge, your kindness and in any other way you can think and it will have a way of building you up. Help others succeed and you create new connections and opportunities. The act of giving not only helps others, it allows you to enjoy positive energy and momentum in your life.



Tips on How to Be Happy

Tips on How to Be Happy

Here are some tips on how to be happy:

  • Let go of the need to control things.
  • Work on your personal issues.
  • Heal your hurts.
  • Look at each day as a new opportunity.
  • Continue to learn and grow.
  • Treat yourself well and do the same for others.
  • Be open to change.
  • Think and behave in positive ways.
  • Be kind and compassionate.

The key to being happy in life is to move from living superficially and unconsciously to mindfully thinking and behaving in positive ways.

Change Your Routine to Be Happy

Change Your Routine to Be Happy

If you don’t feel happy with your life it can be helpful to change your routine by doing things like:

  • Trying something new.
  • Thinking in a new way.
  • Changing your mind about something.
  • Considering a different point of view.
  • Doing something out of the ordinary.

We all can get stuck doing the same things over and over. Happy people know how to mix things up and keep their lives exciting. What will you do to change your routine?