Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
Be Grateful to Be Happy

Be Grateful to Be Happy

Sometimes we get so busy and goal-oriented in life that we forget to be grateful for what we have instead of worrying about what we don’t. An important part of being happy is the ability to focus on what’s going right as well as the simple wonders in the world: A sunset, a tree, a child, ourselves, our ability to have a kind conversation with someone or the fact we’re alive and breathing. What are you grateful for today?

How to Be Happy at Work

How to Be Happy at Work

It's easy to fall into a pattern where you're not very satisfied doing your job. Here are some ideas to help you be more happy at work:

  • Do meaningful work. When you're job hunting, look for work that reflects what you really love doing. Take some extra time to identify what you genuinely enjoy doing and then look for jobs related to that.
  • Prioritize your tasks from most to least important. Work on the most important tasks first rather than putting them off and worrying about them while you're doing less vital things.
  • Check your email last. Do more important tasks first before you get sidetracked by your emails.
  • Think about what's going well. Emphasize the parts of your job that you enjoy. Have ongoing conversations with you supervisor about designing your job so that you get to do the parts you like the most.
  • Delegate. Give the jobs that don't float your boat to others who like doing those things. Focus on what you do well and where you want to grow.
  • Look for ways to build relationships. Treat the people around you well and connect with them on a meaningful level. Identify the things you have in common and ways you can collaborate.
  • Look for opportunities to learn and grow. Go to trainings, workshops or back to school so you can keep your brain nimble and continue to grow.
  • Think of new ideas. Use your talents and abilities to come up with new projects or new ways you can help the organization succeed.
  • Monitor your attitude. You get to decide whether you focus on the positive or negative. Which will you choose?
Making Money

Making Money

A lot of people think money is the most important element of being happy. While it’s important to be able to cover your bills and basic needs, money doesn’t make you happier because it doesn’t fulfill psychological needs beyond basic safety or comfort. No amount of money can heal the hurts you carry inside. Thankfully, you can choose to begin healing yourself at any time, with or without money.

Real Happiness

Real Happiness

Real happiness doesn't come from another person or material possessions, it comes from you being authentically joyful about yourself. Here are some of the signs you're genuinely happy:

  • You treat yourself well.
  • You treat others well.
  • You have empathy for others.
  • You're excited to wake up each morning.
  • You follow your inner voice.
  • You do what you love in life.
  • You help others.
  • You think and behave in a consistently positive manner.
  • You feel happy at a deeper level.
  • You like yourself.
  • Your life is full of love.
  • You believe in a world where happiness is possible.
Positive Self-Esteem

Positive Self-Esteem

The way to achieve positive self-esteem is to do the things in life that really mean something to you. Each time you do something meaningful you experience success and feel great about yourself. Even when things don't go well you still feel positive because you're following your true path in life. Self-esteem comes from doing the things you love and realizing how wonderful you are along the way.