Learning to Be Happy with Yourself
You’ll Be Happier If You Take It Easy on Yourself

You’ll Be Happier If You Take It Easy on Yourself

You'll be happier if you take it easy on yourself instead of trying to do everything at once and making your life impossible and unpleasant. Some people put themselves down when things don't come out how they expected or aren't perfect, but this is a recipe for stress instead of happiness. Here are a few tips that will help you find happiness more easily:

  • Think positive thoughts.
  • Take small steps each day to move past whatever is stressing you out.
  • Celebrate when things go well.
  • Make corrections as necessary.
  • Treat yourself well along the way.
  • Check in with yourself every month or so to see what you've achieved.
  • Praise yourself for the work you've done.

You don't have to be stressed out in order to be successful in life. You'll be much happier if you take small steps and remember to take it easy on yourself. What would you add to this list?

The Definition of Happiness

The Definition of Happiness

The definition of happiness is quite simple: Find out who you are deep inside and live life as the real you. Here are some things happy people do:

They're Grateful

We get so caught up thinking about what we don’t have or can’t do that we forget to be grateful for the positive things happening in our lives right now. Being happy is about being able to shift your perspective from what you don’t have to what you do. Be grateful for what’s going well right now and celebrate the positive things in your life so you can enjoy a glass half full rather than half empty.

They're Comfortable Alone

Many people never spend time alone, they’re always surrounded by family, friends or significant others, in person, texting, online or on the phone. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, you’ll miss out on finding out who you genuinely are, what your inner voice is telling you and what you really want to do in life. Being alone once in a while gives you the chance to listen to yourself and decide where you want to go.

They're Consistent

It’s hard to be happy if you think one thing and do another or have various parts of your life in conflict with one another. A great way to be happy is to be consistent across the various parts of your life. For example: If you say you love yourself, behave that way in all areas of your life as well as toward other people.

They Live in Their Natural State

There’s no secret to being happy, it simply means living in your natural state. You were born with a certain way of thinking and a number of talents and abilities that come naturally to you. The way to find genuine joy in life is to live according to who you are deep inside rather than trying to pretend you’re someone else.

They Enjoy the Journey

As you live your life and do all kinds of interesting and exciting things, don’t forget that what matters is the journey. Pay attention to your progress along the way and celebrate the great things you’re experiencing and learning. Take the time to have fun and savor the small moments. Do things that fill your heart with joy and remember to have a good time as you go.



The Messages in Your Head and Your Happiness

The Messages in Your Head and Your Happiness

Have you ever met someone who seems to have strong self-esteem but doesn't act like someone who is happy? We all do things that keep us from succeeding and we do so at an unconscious level. The messages we learned early in life keep holding us back and telling us that we can't achieve what we want in life. The good news is that you can change those messages by following some basic steps.

1. Identify the message. Ask yourself, "Where did this message begin."

2. Ask yourself if the message is true. For example, do you really not deserve to succeed?

3. Think of the opposite of the message and do that instead. Make it a positive message that gets you where you want to go.

4. Every time a negative, limiting message comes into your head do these steps until it is gone.

It will take you some time to get good at changing your messages but you'll experience success if you stick with it over time. Plan on spending at least 30 days practicing the new behavior and then check in with yourself to see how you're doing. You may be very happy with the results. If you're not, it looks like you have another message to work on.